Are you interested in experiencing the power of dance and transfer it to the world outside? Do you think you have the talent to match the rhythm and enchant the viewers with your dream movements and need a platform? Our dance academy serves you the answers for all these opportunities. We are not dance masters, we are dancers and we inspire others to dance and spread your energy.

Versatility is our strength

  • We do not teach a particular dance form. Our academy has a panel of dancers who are the best in various types of dance starting from the American street dance to the tribal fusions.
  • Give us a call or register with us for a free class of your choice in your chosen dance form. You can pick any convenient time slots. Alternatively, you can register online with our official website and view one of the uploaded model videos.
  • Decide for yourself if you are meant to be one among us.
  • You can join for one or multiple types of dances and fees are according to the number of hours you attend. You are free to switch anytime you wish.
  • You can be a part of our regular classes or take our help for any particular stage performance or event preparation.
  • We also give our members opportunity to perform at several high-profile events and social celebrations to showcase their talent. You get paid as professional dancers and can even conduct your own shows.
  • We are socially active and periodically organize charity events to raise voice for social issues. You are free to join these events and can also choose the reverse.

Talent can be inborn and can also be developed with practice if pursued with interest. So join us now and get ready to give a visual treat to the world.